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The Last Kingdom – Season 1 Episode 2

The Game of Nerds

Saxon or Dane

1). Wave a decapitated head at your murderous uncle.

2). Leave quickly to avoid armed men.

And so another thrilling episode opens with Uhtred and Brida fleeing from Bebbenbur with the treacherous uncle and his soldiers in hot pursuit. Running straight into a massacred village where a lone survivor tells them that Danes attacked in retribution for an English uprising led by the slave Uhtred. ‘I like this game’. – Ubba (Rune Temte)

While Kjartan’s men have been busy again, framing him for the murder of Earl Ragnar. Uhtred realises he has to see Ubba (Rune Temte) and clear his name, but Brida (Emily Cox) reminds him that Ubba is totally ‘unpredictable’ and they must take a hostage to secure their own safety.  They decide to snatch Storri (Henning Valin), Ubba’s sorcerer as Ubba is superstitious and relies on Storri’s spiritual…

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Hymn in Brightness



This is one of my own compositions that I recorded with Laurent Medelgi of Zorojazz in Montmartre.

It is one of my favourite compositions and I would definitely like to record another version of it as well. It was a skeleton recording so it would be nice to really flesh it out with more percussion and instruments.

More of my music is on my Facebook page

‘The Last Kingdom’ Season 1 – Episode 1.

The Game of Nerds

The Making of England.

As the Second Season was co-produced and is about to be released on Netflix Europe, here is a recap of the tv series called ‘the most underrated show on television’ by ‘The Guardian’ and ‘Game of Thrones withoutthe dragons’ by ‘GQ’.

‘The Last Kingdom’ is a historical British television series based on the best-selling novels of the same name by Bernard Cornwell. Set in an England, (that is not yet England), there are 4 kingdoms, with the Kingdom of Wessex being the last to stand against the Danes. The year is 872 and the story is about Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon),who has been robbed of his birthright and in the process is captured by Vikings who raise him as a Dane and as one of their own. Young Uhtred (Tom Taylor) Lots of people have thought that this series is the Saxon reply to…

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